Steel Force is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturer’s certified Partner of Armored Steel in the entire UAE. Market leaders in the Middle East, Asia, and the African region.

Expert technicians at Steel Force have a deep understanding of Armor, Wear Resistant and High strength steels, and in other types of steels. Our team has worked with various leading manufacturers and organizations. We act as a technical support between our client and the Mills.

We add value to the products by providing double layer concept, reducing cost, weight and improving the structural integrity.

Steel Force deals in all grades of ballistic steel and has closely worked with high strength, wear-resistant and armor steel grades.

Largest stock on the ground – Ballistic steel plates for military , Civilian specifications and structural uses. The Armor & ballistic steel plate/sheets basically used in military vehicles, structural housings with high protection, armaments and other protective structures and varied applications.
We can deliver a single plate from STOCK or contract plates on order direct from mills. And currently, we supply to a wide range of OEMs and part fabricators and are ready to serve more.
Final delivery comes with
Ballistic tests conducted at reliable Ballistic Lab.
Mill test Certifications, Mechanical and Chemical properties advised
Some of the consumers of our Armored Steel plates are:

  • Defence & Security
  • Oil Field & Energy Sector
  • Transport
  • Construction Equipment

Get in touch with Steelforce Middle East today. Our service coverage includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the entire UAE as well as Middle East. Call us at +971-4-806-7000, +971-4-886-5971 or email us at[email protected].