Ballistic Plates Ramor

Steelforce Middle East FZCO, is a Belgian company, established in Dubai. We are proud to be a SSAB Certified Partner for Ramor. A company with worldwide network ranging from Brazil, Ukraine Turkey, Czech, Nigeria Ethiopia, Tunisia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Singapore Shanghai, Hongkong, Indonesia and India.

Steelforce is the largest stock holder of protection steels in the region. In our warehouse in Jebel Ali South zone we are stocking protection steels with an extensive range of sizes, protection levels and grades. In addition we can provide our customers with following services.

  • Just in time deliveries, low inventories and less finance costs for
    their ballistic steels requirements.
  • Deliveries in small lot sizes
  • Flexible finance solutions.
  • Long term contracts with staggered deliveries.
  • A stock assortment that covers most of the ballistic and blast protection levels
  • Full technical assistance available from SSAB protection experts
  • Cross region delivery possibilities (by road, seas or air)
  • Assistance in documentation and customs formalities
  • Providing local solutions for processing, bending and cutting ballistic steels.

All Ramor steels delivered from our stock are accompanied with independent Ballistic Test Certificates, Mill Test Certificates and Mill’s warranty of the respective protection level. We guarantee full traceability of the materials delivered.

A team of local Ramor sales people are available to provide the best solutions for your immediate requirements.

Protect product range* Thickness (mm)
Ramor 300 3.0-6.0
Ramor 400 3.0 – 30.0
Ramor 450 4.0 – 16.0
Ramor 500 2.0 – 30.0
Ramor 550 3.0-15.0
Ramor 600 3.0-5.0

Typical vehicle parts are A-, B- and C-pillars

  • All four sides, roof, fire wall, etc.
  • The thickness 3.0 – 13 mm is chosen based on the protection class
  • You can save the weight equivalent of 2-3 persons by upgrading from 500 to 550 grade

Floor Structures: Ramor 400, Ramor 450 or Ramor 500.