[gallery_slider images=”2264,2265″]U-Type sheet piles are the most commonly used sheet piles in temporary shoring works. Their advantages are:

  • Availability of various sizes, lengths, and grades from stock for immediate supply,
  • Ease of handling due to their small section,
  • Ease of installation,
  • Perfect for multiple uses due to their rigid geometrical design,
  • Excellent water tightness characteristics,
  • Suitable for micro-tunneling shafts, excavation for underground floors and car parks, trench shoring, and general soil retention requirements.

Z-Type sheet piles are mainly used for permanent shoring solutions, where high strength and large quantities are required.

Their advantages are:

  • Can be supplied and installed in double piles, allowing for faster installation,
  • Availability of sections with high section modulus,
  • Continuous webs and having the interlocks on either side of the neutral axis allows for optimized section modulus,
  • Improved section modulus to mass ratio,
  • Increased moment of inertia, lowering the deflection.

  • Have higher stiffness compared to U-type sheet piles, as the interlocks are at the outermost part of the sheet piles, as far away from the neutral axis as possible,
  • Suitable for locations where space is restricted, as sheet piles are installed along the same line,
  • Can be produced in wider sections than the U-type sheet piles,
  • Light weight and cost effective,
  • Sizes available: from 4-16 mm thick, 600-1,600 mm wide, and section modulus from 260-4,600 cm3/m,
  • Can be produced as per customer’s own design.

Corner sections provide an easy and economical solution to form corners and turns in sheet pile walls. Steelforce can supply corner sections compatible with both U and Z type sheet piles (Larssen Interlock), as well as hot rolled and cold rolled piles.