Sheet piles are the interlocking steel product that are predominantly used for earth retention applications, for both temporary and permanent solutions. Sheet piles provide a cost-effective shoring solution by being re-usable, and 100% recyclable.

Sheet piles, interlocked together forming a continuous wall system can be used in multiple scenarios; such as trench shoring, micro-tunnelling pit shoring, cofferdams, deep excavations, retaining walls, in marine locations for riverbank protection, land reclamation and seawalls.

Sheet piles come in different profiles, sizes, lengths, and steel grades. They are also manufactured by different methods; Hot Rolled and Cold Formed.[gallery_slider images=”3314,3313,3312,3309,3310,3311″]SteelForce Middle East is a large stockist and supplier of different sheet pile profiles and lengths in Dubai and Saudi Arabia also provide sheet piles on rental. We cater for the foundation solution demand of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, and Africa.

SteelForce provides U-type, Z-type, Omega Pile, Straight Web Sheet Piles, as well as corner sections.