A trench box is a mechanised shoring/earth retaining equipment, ideal for shallow to medium depth trenching works.

Trench boxes are made of 2 reinforced panels made of steel, running parallel to each other and attached by a strut system. Multiple trench boxes can be place alongside each other, provide continuous trench shoring, suitable for underground service utility installation; such as storm, sewerage, clean water pipes, power, fibre optic and other cables.

  • The fastest method of trench shoring, suitable for all utility installation works,
  • Can be used in all types of soil conditions,
  • Installation by cut and lower method,
  • Strong and durable, can last for many years to come,
  • Can be used for a maximum depth of 5.20 metres
  • Trench width: 0.980 – 4.480 metres,
  • Pipe Clearance Height: 1.50 metres,
  • Available for sale and rental.

[gallery_slider images=”3298,3297″]Trench boxes come in different size (length, width, height). The working width can be adjusted to allow for the required working space.

Trench boxes, when used and maintained correctly have a long-lasting life, and be re-used multiple times. They provide an efficient and cost-effective solution, as they are fast and easy to assemble and install, and require the use of just 1 excavator to complete the task.

SteelForce carries a large fleet of Trench Boxes in UAE, and can offer on sale or rental basis around the UAE. We also cater for the supply of trench boxes in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East, as well as Egypt and Africa.