Cold Rolled Soft Steel & Non Prime Second Choice Steel UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Non-prime steel is any excess steel produced by steel manufacturers and steel service centres that can be used as a raw material for further processing and fabrication. Non-prime steel is not just limited to excess, surplus or defective production but also includes by-products and usable scrap production of steel service centress and metal processors.

We stock and trade huge quantities of non-prime hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, construction plate and structural steel and other flat rolled and long rolled products.

Non-prime and used scrap are recognized by various terminologies ‘Non-Prime’ or ‘Seconds & Defective’ or ‘Seconds’, ‘Secondary’, ‘Second Grade’, ‘Second Choice’, ‘Third Choice’ , ‘Defections’’ etc. which are commonly used in steel trade and industry.

Non-Prime PPGI Secondary Steel Coils

Grade : Soft Commercial Grades
Thick: 0.3mm up to  3.0mm
Width : 600mm up to 2000mm
Origin : West Europe

Flat-rolled products

Secondary, Over Rolling, Prime Excess, Rejected, Defective, Coils and Baby Coils
HR, CR, Galvanised, Electro galvanized, Pre-painted, Alu zinc, Aluminised, ETP, Tin, and black plated coils.

Sheet and Plates

HR, CR, Galvanised, Electro galvanized, pre-printed, assorted and un-assorted Sheets and plates

Long Products

Non-prime and secondary Wire rods, Bars and Shafts, Pipes